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Business case studies

At Hayoka, we help SME’s to achieve great results through our business coaching and consultancy. Whilst many of our clients prefer to stay anonymous, you can read about some of the business transformations we’ve achieved below. 


The request

The business wanted to develop two key employees to improve management skills with a view to them running the business in the medium to long term.

The challenge

The individuals involved needed to work collaboratively as they ran different teams. Challenges included lack of confidence both individually and collectively and limited managerial skills. Morale across the business was low.

We offered

A combination of individual and systemic team leadership development based on the requirements of the business and the individuals over a 3-month period. The engagement was bi-weekly and utilised the teams they were managing to put the learning into practice. They also had individual sessions providing coaching and skill development.


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The results

The two managers involved created an effective and efficient collaboration to drive the business to a successful outcome. Individually they grew in confidence and were able to identify the style of leadership that best suited them and how to put that into action, so that it delivered benefits for both the business and clients.

We saw tangible Improvements across the business, team performance and individual highlighted business developments.

The MD

The request

We were asked to become interim MD, due to the current MD resigning.

The challenge

The MD had resigned, and the management team were not delivering on the desired results. Morale across the business was low and productivity was less than optimal.

We offered

To take the role of interim MD on a 3 day per week basis. The role was to develop capacity and capability of the staff in the business, to improve morale, increase productivity and put structure in place to ensure the effective running of the business. The role was for 4 months.

We started by listening to what was happening in the business. This resulted in learning a number of things that did not work well and created lack of ownership.

 We created an environment of transparency, discussed challenges and staff came up with solutions to the issues. Problems were solved through the use of their newly developed collaboration skills.

The results

Moral improved, sick leave reduced, productivity increase by 32% and overtime, costs reduced to virtually nothing. Problem solving became a whole company way of collaboration.

Business Case Studies
and Testimonials

“When I initially engaged with Donna from Hayoka I wasn’t sure what to expect, however what I did know was that I knew I needed to engage my team with the aim being to ultimately improve our service delivered and quality. The internal communication methods we used within the organisation were not engaging my team in the correct way to our goals.

Donna is extremely engaging and I think her non-judgemental manner immediately helped win my team and myself over very quickly, this resulted in all of our team being on board with her methodologies very quickly. We have previously utilised trainers who seem to have one solution and force that upon our business without listening/understanding our business at all whereas Donna actually approached the project in a more refreshing open minded way.

We have suffered an ongoing issue in respect of internal communications resulting in poor performance and delivery failings however now with Donna’s expert guidance we have addressed this immediately by adapting how our messages are communicated. We have experienced dramatic improvements in productivity and quality already!

Whilst we are still at a very early stage in the delivery of our Hayoka programme we are already seeing huge benefits relating to our target aim of engaging with the team in the business aims which will ultimately benefit us all as people and the business as a whole.

I cannot recommend Hayoka’s services and in particular Donna highly enough.”

Paul Blanchard



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