From leadership coaching and development to business-wide strategy and training, Hayoka is here to help you achieve your organisational goals. Addressing culture, skills and strategies, we work with you and your team to improve performance and productivity through our range of professional business services.

Organisation Development​

We’re here to help you support your organisation through times of turbulence, ensuring you move quickly and decisively in line with your business strategy.

Developing a supportive infrastructure to ensure sustainable development is not easy, but it is achievable! At Hayoka, we help you create frameworks to ensure that implementation processes can be managed and measured for impact and return on investment.

Having an effective organisational culture and change management strategy will ensure that your business focuses on the areas that will have the greatest benefit to customers, driving your profitability forward.

Change Management

You already have a highly skilled workforce delivering on your business strategy, we’re here to help you understand your organisational culture and achieve your operational goals.

At Hayoka, we understand the process of change.

Changes within your business are key to moving forward, but they can often cause staff, managers and leaders struggle delivering required outcomes.

Working with your leadership team, we focus the attention on streamlining change to ensure the greatest possibility of individual and organisational success.

1-2-1 Executive Coaching

Hayoka’s 1-2-1 Executive Coaching gives you the tools you need to focus on growth.

Do you want to develop your staff, to improve performance, build new skills and fulfil potential? We’re here to help!

Having a skilled workforce to deliver on your organisational strategy is key. Perhaps you’ve seen a decline in productivity, or you’re not sure it was there at the start - don’t worry, this can be resolved.

Ensuring the organisational culture works to support your strategy and goals, you can transform your workforce and create an environment for learning, to support the whole business.

Leadership Development​

Here at Hayoka, we have the expertise to take your business to the next level.

What makes a great leader? With years of experience behind us, our team have seen first-hand the ups and downs of strong leaders rising to the top.

Combining our insights and skills, we’ll work with you to transform your processes and strategies, and in turn, your company.

We’re proud to have helped shape many leaders along the way, to deliver results from the top down.

Lean Training and Implementation

At Hayoka, we help you to see what your customers value, and most importantly, what they’re willing to pay for.

Understanding your business processes and the impact or value these have on your organisation and customers can significantly increase your ability to sell!

With a team of highly skilled staff, who are constantly looking for improvements, with high quality problem solving skills, you can create a customer-focused, value driven organisation.

The clarity of processes not only reduces excess business expenditure, but it increases the perceived value of your goods and services.

Systemic Team Coaching

Whether it’s structured problem solving or collaborative working, Hayoka can help your business to improve on staff engagement and increase productivity, leading to tangible results across the board.

When it comes to achieving optimal performance within your organisation, team work is essential.

We understand that creating collective performance is greater than the sum of individual parts, which helps us to identify issues within your teams and focus attention on the development of team skills.

Tailored Business Services

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