Happy Friday everyone! Here’s the round-up of feel good stories from this week to make you smile and end your week on a high note:
1. Beavers have been given the green light to live in the wild in England for the first time in 400 years after they showed researchers during a five-year trial that their damn building skills were good enough to enable survival.
Feel Good
2. Residents of Spiritwood Assisted Living in Washington State have been having fun recreating iconic movie posters in genius photo shoots that will make you smile. Movies such as Top Gun & Wayne’s World have had the OAP treatment & so far, they have managed to raise $14,000 for charity!
Aamir Qureshi/AFP/Getty Images
3. Kavaan, the worlds loneliest elephant, has finally been granted a move from Islamabad zoo after the Pakistani High Court ruled that he was to be freed. He will be relocated to the sanctuary Elephant Nature Park in Cambodia, after nearly a decade on his own. Campaigners are delighted after years of fighting for his release.