Happy Friday! Here are our picks of this weeks happy, positive & uplifting stories. We hope they make you smile & set you up for the weekend:
Feel good friday news
1. A tiny elephant shrew has been rediscovered after over 50 years of experts believing it was extinct! Scientists found the creature in Djibouti, next to Somalia, and all’s it took was a trap filled with peanut butter and coconut! Even more good news is that there appears to be vast numbers of the little creatures too.
Liverpool Business News
2. Dr. Kakenya Ntaiya was the first woman in her small Kenyan village to go to university abroad. In an area of where only 17% of girls finish primary school & 8/10 experience genital mutilation she had first hand experience of the challenges young girls there faced. She has repaid the community by opening up a girls boarding school there & has seen girls lives transformed.
Liverpool Business Batman
3. A man dressed as Batman has been prowling the streets of Santiago, Chile delivering warm meals to the city’s homeless. He also buys the the food himself & cooks all the meals. The main who wishes to remain anonymous encouraged others to do similar, if they can help out someone in need.