Here’s our top picks of this week’s stories to make you smile:
  1. The tiger population is on the increase, with Western Thailand experiencing a number of sightings of new tigers for the first time in four years! It is one of only two known populations of Indochinese tigers in the world and researchers hope to see a 50% increase by 2022.

Spaniel wheelchair

2. Villagers in Stanton, Sussex have all clubbed together to buy local spaniel, Max, a wheelchair. Poor Max lost the use of his legs after falling off a bed in October. When villagers heard they decided to fundraise after realising how expensive doggie wheelchairs can be.

Lottery Winner

3. A Wisconsin man has shared his $22 million lottery win with his friend after making a pact nearly 30 years ago. Friends Tom Cook & Joseph Feeney promised each other in 1992 if they ever won the jackpot, they would split it. And all these years later he still stuck to his word!