This weeks roundup of happy, positive, feel good stories to bring a bit of light into your life!

Daisy Watt Charity

1. 10 year old Daisy Watt has been labelled as the ‘mini-Monet’ after she did a painting to cheer up her sick grandparents & it sold for £9,500! Since this happened in 2017 she has sold work for more than £50,000 and donated it all to charity.

Rhino Poaching

2. Rhino poaching in South Africa has decreased by 53% in the first 6 months of 2020. This means that poaching has fallen every year for 5 years now. Park rangers hope to see this trend continue.

Thai Puppy Vet

3. A lost five month old Thai pup wasn’t quite clued up enough to find his way home, but he did manage to find his way to his vet’s office. He sat outside barking and waited until someone came and opened up for him. Luckily the vet recognised the little pup and reunited him with his anxious owner.