Have you ever thought about using the power of priming to improve your workplace?

Priming is a useful tool & can help you improve your chances of success.

Priming equips us to notice certain things, feel certain things & act in certain ways. The first step is to have a positive frame of mind.

Easy to implement strategies:

  • Create a positivity board: fill it with positive quotes, pictures of loved ones, beautiful scenery.
  • Ask people in the workplace to create positivity boards of the space they would like to work in. Implement some of the ideas to improve mood and engagement
  • Get out into nature: fresh air & nature can have a very powerful & positive effect. Even getting away from your desk during your lunch & feeling the sun on your face can change your whole mood. Support getting outside of the office space. This has been shown to boost creativity
  • Dance to your favourite music: music can change our state of mind & exercise will release endorphins known to help fight depression & enhance mood. Having music on has been shown to increase concentration
  • Replay a good experience: write about it, talk about it, think about it. This helps our brain to focus on the positive. Provide time and shared space to focus on positive aspects of the workplace, perhaps customer or client feedback, projects won, business growth.
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