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Results are the name of the game. Are you frustrated by lack of engagement and ultimate delivery of the output required? 

We at Hayoka will support you to turn this around and get what you want and need from your people and teams. We look at the results you want to achieve and help you to decide where to invest your time, energy, and resources. 

We will work with you to ensure that the output is matched by skills, capacity, and capability. All objectives are not equal and working with us you will learn how to identify key objectives and goals to deliver your best return on investment. Typically, not always and not every time, the day job so busy and all consuming that the goals and objectives become lost amongst the whirlwind of day-to-day business. The productivity of a business comes from the people. Our focus and expertise is on maximising the people side of your business to give a competitive edge in today’s constantly changing world.


Results come from understanding what the clients, customers and business needs are.

Deciding on the critical needs to invest against delivery of is important. Going in the wrong direction and satisfying needs that do not deliver you the results that grown and improve your business is costly and time consuming. It also can mean you lose ground against the competition and employees become disengaged. We work together to critically analyse what the key needs are, develop action plans including communications and coach execution and implementation. 

We provide change management support to ensure these are followed through. This up-skills and develops core competencies ensuring sustainability of your business.


All our work is based on the development of relationships.

The power of human beings and understanding the relationships, where they are impactful, what creates disengagement and harnessing the power of people to differentiate and create cultures that utilise the skills and talents that are the biggest investment made by business.

Recruitment and retention of talent is costly. Getting the right people and ensuring the environment created means they deliver for your business and that they are satisfied in their role pays dividends to the person themselves, you as a business owner and to the clients and customers who pay for your products

Experiential Learning

Hayoka’s straight-talking and rounded perspective will help your business achieve the results it needs. Through experiential learning, we take a people centric and needs based approach to provide transparent 1-2-1 business coaching.

Tailored Coaching

With over 30 years in business and sales, our team, qualified in executive and systemic team coaching, provide bespoke and tailored business coaching, training and transformation programmes in Liverpool, to produce diverse tangible results. Coaching delivers sustainable behaviour change in both individuals and teams, supporting you to achieve business objectives and ROI, including focus on strategic objectives.


We work with our clients to get to the root cause, make visible the processes involved and develop action plans for sustainable solutions. What are the business challenges that get in the way of you achieving your potential?

Grow & Reshape

At Hayoka, we work with business owners, managers and investors to deliver results and accountability from the top-down. Supporting clients in Liverpool and surrounding areas, we pride ourselves on the honesty, integrity and congruence that we bring to every table, encouraging transparency and communication every step of the way.

Our work is bespoke and tailored to your needs, taking into account strengths and weaknesses across the business. At Hayoka, the trust of clients is our top priority, and it’s important to us that you feel comfortable with our team. Let’s start with a conversation, where you can find out more about Hayoka and the work we do with great businesses like yours.

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Business Training

Our lean and change management training and workshops are a great way to get started on your business transformation. Browse the training courses below, and book a call with us to discuss your bespoke training package. 

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