How can you harness the power of employees through engagement? has 5 top hacks to help make sure employers and employees are both getting what they need at work.

Top 5 countdown:

1. Flexibility – working from home, digital access, different hours, childcare options etc

2. Reimagine employee experience – what challenges has the pandemic thrown up? Has work become different for employees and what’s the impact ? What can be done to ease it?

3. Compassion – the best leaders are empathetic leaders. Your employees are people & understanding them is important. Building relationships with employees means a happier and more productive workforce, especially in the face of a pandemic.

4. Encourage feedback – the process of giving or receiving feedback is sometimes hard, so encourage open discussion that flows both ways. An environment where feedback is seen as an important part of development is most productive.
5. Develop talent – you have a pool of often undiscovered talent in your workforce. Dedicate time & money to reskilling your workforce. They’ll feel valued & appreciated and you won’t always need to recruit new staff to fill roles.

Employee Engagement