How can you increase workplace engagement and why it is important?

People who are happier in their work are more productive, so putting some focus on creating a workplace that is happier improves the possibility of increasing productivity.

Historically, the UK labour productivity has grown at around 2% per annum, but since 2008/2009 recession it has stagnated, and the productivity gap has widened.

So here are 5 steps to increase your workplace engagement:

Step 1. Put people in the right roles. Ensure talent acquisition and retention strategies are aligned to meet the company goals.

Step 2. Give people training. Train and develop your people to have the skills needed to overcome obstacles and become problem solvers.

Step 3. Use your people in meaningful work. Connecting daily work with the company mission and purpose, communicating impact.

Step 4. Check in often. Communicate and interact. Listen to what people are saying. 2 way communication validates activity and increases the likelihood of achieving outcomes.

Step 5. Discuss engagement… often. Not in a tick box format. In real meaningful ways that generate ideals and energy.
Workplace Wellbeing