How can using 5 Levels of listening improve communications?

We previously provided information on the impact of being a good listener. Here is a guide to the different levels of listening with examples of when it may happen.

Here are the 5 levels of listening:

Level 1. Not listening
Not really, listening, waiting for your turn to speak, already know what you are going to respond with. An example is when we are distracted by Other things, maybe the phone goes off or you get a message.

Level 2. For judgement
Showing signs of listening, not really tuned in. Not able to play back what has been said. This is like the lights are on but no one is home look.

Level 3. For my story
Tuning in to the bits that interest you, not really appreciating the overall message This can be followed by the previous levels listed. May be a question such as ‘are you going on holiday’ followed by I am going to …….

Level 4. For application
Focusing on the speaker, taking in what is being said, not interrupting, asking follow-up questions. Genuine interest in the conversation but its about our own self-interest perspective

Level 5. To understand.
Seeking to understand rather than be understood, focusing on the speaker, listening to understand the emotions and real meaning behind the words. Seeing the world through the eyes of the person you are talking to.

Have you ever been really listened to? It is a powerful experience. Being heard and understood is valuable and much underrated, for both the listener and the person being listened to.

Why not give it a try, maybe with friends or a family member.

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