What are the pros and cons of staff working from home? Does it suit everyone?

I worked from home for large portions of my working life. It takes support to maintain the positive impact of home working. Having equipment and the space with a door that can be closed for instance.

Working on a kitchen table or in a bedroom is a short-term solution but does not create a positive environment for sustainable productivity.

It’s great being at home when flexibility for childcare is required, but this also means your little person needs attention and this in the middle of a zoom call. This is stressful and can also give the impression this is what it’s always like.

Perhaps even be career limiting as there is the assumption of lack of commitment.

Research shows up to 80% of people want to continue working from home. That leaves 1:5 who do not. This is a large chunk of anyone’s workforce.

There is so much information being shown about the positive impacts:

  •  Less travelling
  •  Reduction in travel costs
  • Improved employee engagement & productivity

But there are also many downsides:

  • Unstable internet
  • Space requirements
  • Loneliness
  • Unplugging after work
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