What is leadership and how can we improve our leadership skills?

Leadership is what happens when you are not in the room.

There are so many different viewpoints on what leadership is. One thing for sure is that each leader is unique. There are some common threads though:

Clarity of vision
When everyone in the business is clear on what the goals, objectives and priorities are, effective decision making can occur across the whole business Effective communication of a shared endeavour is the key to unlocking the business potential.

This is a two-way street. Honestly, transparency and telling the truth become the currency of getting things done effectively. Issues become known and problem solving is a skill of the whole business.

Development of others
The quality of the team around leader reflects the leadership. Having good, experienced people who listen and create leadership behaviour throughout business.

We often sense when people say something, but their actions do not reflect the words. This can make or break the trust within a business.
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