What is the impact of being a good listener?

Listening is an often-overlooked skill that can be taught. We all can all be good listeners and here are 5 important reasons to develop these skills.

1. You will build deeper connections: Communication is the basis of any relationship. The quality of a relationship is based on both parties’ ability to understand one another.

2. You will be more likeable: It can be rare to meet people who can give their complete attention. Being shown a high level of attention and respect during interactions will develop an edge that will make you stand out in the crowd.

3. You will learn interesting things: You can learn something valuable from every single person that you meet. Everyone has a story from which we can learn and grow, if we are willing to listen for the pearls of wisdom that are embedded between their words.

4. You become better at handling conflict: Engaging in a compassionate form of listening will improve your communication skills, especially in the realm of resolving conflicts and minimizing disagreements.

5. You will be able to pick up subtle signs and messages: Listening well is not limited to your conversations with other people. You should listen for the voices that are within you and around you in your environment. Stillness allows you to pick up on subtleties and nuances that can be easily missed if you are only focused on yourself.

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