What is workplace stress and are you contributing to increasing stress?

So much is talked about stress, the workplace, and the negative impacts. Understanding what it is and where we can positively impact is important.

Here we talk about the personal things which we can do something about.

1. Lack of control – Researchers have found roles that allow little independence and employees who feel micro-managed correlate with coronary heart disease. Marmot (1997) investigated 10,000 UK civil service employees and found that after 5 years the employees who described themselves as having the least control in work were the ones most likely to develop heart disease.

2. Work overload – people have limits, it is important the amount of work they are given is achievable. You do not want people to feel like they have failed before they’ve even began.

3. Confidence in own ability – having the right people in the right roles. People need to feel capable of completing the tasks they are set.

4. Repetition & monotony – lack of flexibility, machine paced work, lack of time to socialise, lack of ability to choose when & how they complete tasks can all increase cortisol levels.

Workplace Stress